Roddie Edmonds Congressional Gold Medal Bill

May 4, 2023

Roddie Edmonds is being recommended for the Congressional Gold Medal. His actions during WWII to save over 200 Jewish American POWs has caught the attention of several Senators and Congressmen such as Marsha Blackburn, Tim Burchett, and Tom Cotton just to name a few. Roddie is an unsung hero who is very deserving of this posthumous recognition. We would love your help. If you could contact your local Senate and Congressional leaders and ask them to please support the bill for Roddie Edmonds to receive the Congressional Gold Medal. The two links posted here will give you more information about the bill that has been submitted and how you can show your support. Thank you in advance for your help.


"Your ordinary life lived well is extraordinary — even heroic. Be the Hero! " - Pastor Chris Edmonds
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