Combating Anti-Semitism

April 25, 2023

Combat Anti-Semitism Movement is an Instagram page dedicated to promoting ways to combat anti-Semitism and sharing the stories of people who have stood against it. We must all do our part to stand up for what's right and stop allowing this and any other type of persecution. Roddie Edmonds is featured on their page and his story is truly inspiring. We can all learn a lot from his actions and make a change in our world by speaking up and doing what's right.

Roddie Edmonds stood up to a Nazi major at gun point to keep his fellow American Jewish POWs from being segregated and sent to certain death in labor camps. By stating "we are all Jews here" and standing proudly with all 1,200 plus American GIs, over 200 Jewish POWs were saved. He was a true hero by standing up for his men and we can all be heroes as well. Simply by doing what's right and standing up to injustices in our world today we can be a hero just like Roddie Edmonds. Check out the Combat Anti-Semitism Instagram page at the link below.

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"Your ordinary life lived well is extraordinary — even heroic. Be the Hero! " - Pastor Chris Edmonds
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