American Named “Righteous Among The Nations”
for saving fellow American Jews

Only the fifth American honored, first American soldier recognized.

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Following the Footsteps of my Father

The following documentary was filmed by the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous.  They followed Edmonds’ son, Chris, through parts of Europe starting where MSG Roddie Edmonds was captured at the Battle of the Bulge.  Please click the link below to view the documentary.



National History Day Projects

Through Roddie’s Code we are striving to inspire and educate our future generations on how to live heroically.  We want them to make a conscious effort to stand up for their fellow man and not let things like race, religion, looks, social status, etc., determine...



Master Sargent Roddie Edmonds is honored with Yehi Or Award

Click the link below to see Pastor Chris Edmonds being interviewed on Fox News.  His father, MSG Roddie Edmonds, was posthumously awarded the Yehi Or Award by the Jewish Foundation of the Righteous.



Remarks from TN Senator Lamar Alexander

  It has been almost one year since Master Sargent Roddie Edmonds was posthumously awarded the Righteous Among the Nations award.  An honor, bestowed by the nation of Israel, to non-Jewish people who risked their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust.  It is the highest...