Veteran's Day Program Palm Beach County FL

November 10, 2023

Veteran's Day is a holiday where we remember those who have served our country in the military. Their sacrifice and service, however, deserves to be celebrated each and every day! We as citizens in the United States would not have the freedoms and liberties we enjoy every day if it wasn't for them standing up and fighting for those beliefs. Today over 300 JROTC students from Forest Hill Community High School culminated their educational journey as part of Florida's Holocaust Education Week and Veteran's Day with a program featuring Pastor Chris Edmonds. His father was Master Sergeant Roddie Edmonds who served and was a POW in WWII. His heroic actions saved the lives of over 200 Jewish American POWs and over 1,000 additional American POWs who were under his command. His actions and the actions of all Armed Forces veteran's should be celebrated and revered daily. The students were also blessed by the attendance of WWII veteran Mickey Warshawski. This was a particularly special opportunity for all in attendance as sadly the majority of our WWII veterans are no longer with us. Today and every day we salute you Mr. Warshawski and all of our military veterans and personnel.


"Your ordinary life lived well is extraordinary — even heroic. Be the Hero! " - Pastor Chris Edmonds
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